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The Palpation Clinic is one of Geelong’s premier Myotherapy Clinics. Jesse Kingsbury is the experienced Myotherapist owning and operating the Breakwater clinic. As well as Myotherapy he also provides the Geelong and Torquay community with the services of Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Sports Massage, Cupping and Dry Needling.

Palpation is a term that is used in the Manual Therapy industry. It’s definition is ‘to explore by touch’, a Myotherapist uses their hands to feel structures and muscle texture underneath the skin, helping us to put the pieces of the pain puzzle together, to help clients with their pain or dysfunction.

Myotherapy is a form of manual therapy that involves assessing, treating and rehabilitating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. A wide range of techniques and tools are used within a Myotherapy appointment. Having a clinical approach allows a Myotherapist to create a targeted treatment plan to not only help with symptoms but also focus on what is causing the problem, giving clients longer lasting results.

Education on the cause and passing some responsibility back to clients with home exercises, gives them the knowledge on how to manage themselves completely or inbetween treatments depending on the situation. Often there are simple stretching and strengthening exercises that can be done for management and give great results.

Myotherapy is well know for its hands on application. However, there are many other techniques/tools that are used. All aiming to get you to your pain free, physical goals. If there is something that you have or haven’t had success with in the past please tell your practitioner. This allows us to make a better informed decision when creating your treatment plan. The Myotherapy profession is a constantly evolving landscape with new techniques and research being made available to practitioners.

A Myotherapist will use some or all of the below tools within your treatment.

– Palpation to identify structures
– Myofascial Release
– Massage
– Education on condition/s
– Exercise Prescription
– Stretching
– Dry Needling
– Cupping
– Taping
– Heat & Cold Therapy

What problems can Myotherapy help with?

– Headaches
– Neck pain
– Shoulder pain
– Knee Pain
– Back pain (lower and upper)
– Sports Injuries
– Pregnancy Related Aches & Pains

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Jesse Myotherapist
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Jesse is a qualified Myotherapist and a member of the Association, Myotherapy Association Australia. Beginning as a Massage Therapist, his interest in the body and musculoskeletal dysfunction quickly developed and his education naturally progressed to Myotherapy. This has given him a better understanding of the body and how to help clients overcome their pain or injury.

He is a current therapist for the Geelong Football Club and also works locally with the St Albans Football Club.

Jesse has played field hockey for over 27yrs giving him a wealth of experience on how the body moves while playing. He has had the opportunity to work alongside local dance studios, helping dancers to increase their flexibility and range of motion. Combined with his interest in surfing he has been exposed to a wide range of injuries and conditions.

Through his training and experience, Jesse prefers to take a whole body approach with treatment, giving clients the best possible chance of recovery. Dry Needling, Myofascial Release, Massage, Cupping, Joint Mobilisations, MET, Stretching and Strengthening Exercises are some of the techniques that might be applied during a session.

Seeing a client’s condition continually improve is what he finds most rewarding.

Jesse is usually surfing, playing hockey or taking his playful Rhodesian Ridgeback, Izzy for a run to keep active. When it is time to put his feet up, he enjoys good friends, food and drinks.

Additional Study
– Myotherapy Specific Pre-Natal Care
– Functional Movement Assessment – Functional Movement Group
– Dance Teacher Training and Health Professional Workshop – LEVEL 1

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